Identity In Mike Nichols's Angels In America

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In the play, “Angels in America”, Director by Mike Nichols, demonstrates how identity has a plight faith to the play, which has a strong belief of the community. Identity groups structure get to the gateway on how are communities form. In this play the ethnicity of a characters are clearly noticeable for being , Jewish, Mormon,WASP and even black. Throughout the scenes of the play there are specific character which are males that are defined by their homosexuality. The infection of AIDS also demonstrates a type of identity, which is physical appearances. Although there are people who don’t accept this type of identity, America should not dispose of this communities to form because it leads to disconnectedness and lack of community in the United States as a whole. For an example of the result, thousands and thousands of Americans became infected with HIV in the 1980s.

Identity has the power to separate Louis Ironson and Prior Walter apart, he doesn’t want to accept the race and the hypothesis of
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For example, Louis is pretty open about his sexual identity, but he still feels the need to hide it around his family. Being gay hasn’t always be been a good identity to viewed as. In the 1980’s, it made a bigger impact because a lot of people started to come “come out of closet”. For another example, Roy goes reject the term of homosexual.He believes that being gay means being weak, a person who people take advantage of. Although he doesn’t accept it He can't escape that he has sex with men on a regular basis. To the present day of 2016, the topic of homosexuality is more open because according to the law everyone has to be treated equal. There are other people that recognized being gay makes them stronger than most people because they can handle the discrimination which makes them tough rather than

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