Imperialist Religion In Persepolis

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One can view Islam as a terrorist religion, while another can view Islam as a peaceful religion. Neither perspective is wrong of Islam because perspective can be influenced by environment, personal experience, society, family, and a variety of other factors. This is why Marjane Satrapi’s unique influences affect her perspective on how she portrays imperialism, social classes, and revolution in her life and the book Persepolis. The photograph shows the United States and Europe taking the natural resources out of Africa. Imperialism is represented in the picture because it shows how the more powerful countries extend their influence to get Africa’s resources and just take it out all for themselves. Also, it shows how Africa did not gain anything when the more …show more content…

This displays Great Britain and the United States as invaders because in the picture it explains the past history of invaders and at the bottom it shows Great Britain and the United States. Marjane begins to realize that Great Britain and the United States will play a role in imperialism in Iran, which will shape her perspective on the matter of imperialism. Imperialism is also illustrated when Marjane comes home and expresses how she loves the King and how he was chosen by God. Then, her father explains how it had nothing to do with God, but how Great Britain influenced Reza Shah to be an emperor and the British put him in power in return for Iran’s natural resources. The event between Great Britain and the Shah is demonstrated when Reza Shah says to Great Britain, “What do I have to do,” and Great Britain responds with, “Nothing! You just give us the oil and we’ll take care of the rest” (21). Imperialism is indicated through the quote because Great Britain is using its influences to put someone in power in return for oil; even though it is not what the people wanted. When Marjane realizes what really happened, her perspective of God

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