Importance And Importance Of Anthropology

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Anthropology is the branch of science which deals with the comparative study of human being, their origin, physical and cultural development and biological characteristics [1]. It also gives us knowledge about the evolutionary history of human being, the variation in social and cultural behavior among the different race of people, the structural development and variation in physical status of different group of human population and it also proved itself as a boon for researchers [2].
The term anthropology comes from the Greek word “anthropos” meaning “human being” and “logia” meaning “study”.
Anthropology can be subdivided into the following two parts :
• Social Anthropology :- it is the branch which deals with the study of human being, their working style and the culture in the society and the variation among them is also included.
• Physical Anthropology :- it deals with the long term development of human being and the study of biological behavior of humans [3].
The crime incidence is increasing day by day, and due to this fact identify the identity of a person is of great importance for the anthropologists [4]. Stature estimation is an important tool in reconstruction of the biological profile and also useful in establishing the identity of a person specially giving attention to those cases in which the bodies are in mutilated form and also if fragments of different body part are found or different bone of the body or fragments of different

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