Importance Of Art Therapy

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Aristotle: “Aim of Art Therapy is to present outwards appearance of things as well as inner significance.”
Art Therapy or an expressive therapy is a therapy in which, through art or drawing a person expresses his feelings, emotions and thoughts. It is a process in which thinking and observation is separated. Floating thoughts of mind is called as thinking and observation is known as creation of thoughts in mind. For mentally ill patient expressing his emotions and feelings is not very easy. So this therapy helps people a lot with mental health. This therapy helps client to discuss himself to express his inner feelings and to make out his emotional state.
It was my rotation to karwan-e-hayat. I was assigned to a 25 years old male patient. He was not talking to anyone. Dr had not yet diagnosed him. But the symptoms show that he is Schizophrenic. He was having auditory hallucinations. I went to him and started my interview. Initially he didn’t answer me. He was not feeling comfortable in talking to me. So I gave him paper and pen as he was unable to openly express his feelings. For a while he didn’t even touched the paper. But after an hour he started drawing things on paper. After he finished I tried to analyze the picture and asked him. He explained me the picture in
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Shazia Muhammad a graduate from Toronto Art Therapy in 2006 a co-founder of AAHUNG and she is also working in Karachi as an Art Therapist. Shazia Muhammad said; “an Art can connect us with our inner self and speaks volume.” She is actively working on Art Therapy by conducting workshops and sessions for the awareness of this therapy. According to Shazia Muhammad this therapy is a non-verbal treatment and many patients are in need of it (Ansari; 2010). Freud and Carl theories of subconscious and unconscious states that; “Art Therapy is constructed on symbols that are evident and easy to get to imagery are natural mode of communication flanked by human
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