Importance Of Creation Mythology

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1. Introduction Scholar Wang Guanghu said “China and Greece both are world’s most famous ancient civilized countries. Their abundant and beautiful myths are the literary treasures which have been releasing lofty light and the splendid flower of the two countries’ civilization.” (王光浒38) So, the meaning of myth is of great importance for China and Greek. Furthermore, scholar He Zhitao frankly said “creation myth is an important part of the mythology and the romantic and serious thinking of primitive human for epoch-making, creation of all things and the origin of human beings which include people’s value orientation, behavior standards, moral customs and other national awareness content. It inevitably affects the culture of psychology, way of thinking and behavior habits for the later generations.” (贺志涛231) It vividly demonstrates the importance of creation myth in ethnic continuation. The scholars analyze the similarities and differences between Chinese and Greek creation myths by comparative analysis, mainly represented by Xin Yan, Wang Guanghu, Ou Guofang, Wu Tong and Song Jiayin, and then explore the great impact on value orientation, behavior standards and moral customs for Chinese and Greek people brought by the creation culture. Foreign scholars also have some related writings to the comparative study. “The actual situation, people’s thought and psychological characteristic are roughly the same, so the Chinese and Greek creation mythologies do exist some amazing

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