Iroquois And Judeo Christian Similarities

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Some differences in the stories Iroquois and the Judeo Christian is having an almighty god. In the Judeo Christian story they believe that god created the heavens and the earth. Unlike in the Iroquois story where they believe that there is no almighty god and that the earth was made on a turtle's back. In the Iroquois story animals play a huge part starting with the two birds breaking Sky Womens fall. Also in a way they are viewed as a god or a power source. Then to them taking her to the other animals to help her. They placed her on the turtle's back while many of the animals dove into the waters trying to get soil for her, each one of them failed until the little toad was successful. After that the soil kept spreading in North America. According to the Iroquois story Sky Women threw dust in the air, which created the stars, then she made the sun and moon. Unlike in the Judeo Christian version god said “Let there be light.” Then he separated night and day and created the stars. One of the main differences between the stories is what they respect. In the …show more content…

Also the trees played a significant role in both stories. They both had boundaries and if you messed with them in certain ways there was consequences. Where Adam and Eve could not touch any of the fruit of the tree and when they did they were punished. Also in the Iroquois version they could only eat the fruit, and when Sky Women got juice from the roots “she was pushed” down the hole. They both also had an explanation of the creation of the world. They both had primary people Adam and Eve and Sky women. In both stories they had sons in the Iroquois story Sky Woman has twins, one of them named Sapling who was kind and gentle similar to Jesus. Sky Women's sons began adding to the earth. Her other son was evil and destroyed all Saplings work and created everything bad. Similar to satan who is evil and bad, and causes the problems in the

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