Dignity In Chinua Achebe's Things Fall Apart

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Chinua Achebe’s novel Things Fall Apart is an attempt in literary form to reinstate the dignity of the Igbo (and African) culture and people that had been become absent and restrained with the advent of colonisation of Nigeria by Europeans. Achebe demonstrates in the novel that, in a world where white colonists find the traditional customs and practices of the Igbo people as savage and primitive; the culture of this society is one of depth and dignity, where the traditions and practices of the people throughout their history demonstrates a solid and civilised structure in their own right. Analysing three episodes that occur in Things Fall Apart, this essay aims to discuss how Achebe tries to accomplish his aim of restoring dignity and self respect of the African people.
The use of language by Achebe in the novel demonstrates the uniqueness and depth of the Igbo people. The language used by the Igbo …show more content…

This essay has discussed how within the novel Things Fall Part, Chinua Achebe attempts to restore the sense of dignity and self-respect of African people by creating a work of fiction that highlights the positive aspects of the Igbo culture within Umuofia, and the negative aspects of colonisation that destroyed the already existing culture. By analysing and referring to three episodes that occurred in the novel, this essay has demonstrated that Achebe’s endeavours to uplift the reputation of the African people pre and post-colonisation were

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