Importance Of Mutual Love And Friendship

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Love and friendship is one of the topics that has been treated widely by various scholars such as theologians, philosophers, poets and novelists. This wide interest in the theme of love and friendship shows its importance for the human existence. In our postmodern world, love and friendship have taken on new meanings. The notion of sacrifice, which is an integral part of mutual love and friendship, seems to have been lost. The adage, “each one for himself and God for us all” seems to be the guiding principle of most love and friendship relationships.
This new way of practicing love and friendship, have not only infiltrated our societies but it has also entered into Christian communities and churches. Even in our Christian communities where mutual love and friendship is supposed to be the basis of Christian living, the common tendency today is to have love and friendship relationships between people of the same social standings, races, and professions. Even some church leaders sometimes fall victims of this way of practicing love and friendship relationship. In this situation where the important value of mutual love and friendship seem to be relegated to the background to the benefit of personal interest, there is the need to go back to the roots of our Christian teaching to listen anew to the call to mutual love and friendship among Christians in particular and human humanity as a whole.
In this study on mutual love and friendship, we shall limit the work to

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