Importance Of Pura

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As we live in a country where every state has its own significance in terms of area, culture, history and food, Odisha is one such place. It is situated on the eastern cost of India and known for its dance, tourist places and food. It is surrounded with beautiful beaches, religious places and geographical greeneries. In fact, the world famous city, Puri, where Jagannath Yatra takes place every year is located in this party of the country.

Puri itself is a place of worship, divine traditions and beautiful sceneries. It is visited by thousands and thousands of tourists from different national and international cities in a year. The food of Puri is somewhat simple in structure & taste and is quite similar to the cuisines that are served in the entire state. These are special in flavors, preparations, elements and styles that make every tourist to get attracted for having a taste. It mostly serves pure vegetarian dishes in its restaurants. From local
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It is a spicy curry and has lots of gravy in it. It is named after the two main ingredients of Oriya, namely Aloo (Potatoes) and Potala (Pointed Gourd). This mouth-watering dish is cooked with finest flavors of turmeric powder, garlic, chilli powder and cumin. All these ingredients make the cuisine as one of the favorite ones among other dishes of Puri.


Talking about Pohe, it is of course the common dish of Puri. It is also popular in other states and often served in breakfast. Beaten rice is the speciality of Puri and used in preparing many dishes. It can be cooked in multiple ways, however it is largly used for cooking pohe. The other ingredients such as all kinds of masalas, mustard seeds and cumin are added to this flavor of rice for preparing this cuisine. This flattened rice dish can also be made as a sweet one by adding slices of curd, raisins and bananas into it. If anyone visiting this place must have a yummy experience of eating Pohe.
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