Important Quotes From Lord Of The Flies

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1. The opening statements tells us that Ralph is more in-shape and confident. Where as Piggy is heavy-set (hence his nickname) , short, and has Asthma. He likes to do things at his own pace. “he was shorter than the fair boy and very fat” (pg.7) 2. The “scar” in the woods is the visible mark that the plane made on the island. When the boys emerge from the scar and “tangled undergrowth” this simply means they came out of the “forest” aspect of the island. “That storm dragged it out to sea. It wasn 't half dangerous with all them tree trunks falling…” (pg.8) 3. Nature was not there friend in the chapters. 4. Ralph views the conch simply as a tool for communicating. Piggy on the other hand views the conch as a tool where everyone has a chance to matter and speak freely.“We can use this to call the others. Have a meeting. …show more content…

Jack’s description was that he was dressed in a cloak, with a golden cap badge. He was freckled, tall, thin, and bony with red hair and and blue eyes. This description says that his character is used to being a strong somewhat evil leader. As for his morals it is all about “survival of the fittest”. “i ought to be the chief!” (pg.22) 6. Descriptions of “The beastie” would be a big snake-like animal. “The beastie” is not real, just a creature made up by the children on the island. Ralph denies the beastie the most. His denial is important because he is represented as a fearless leader yet he is frightened by “the beastie”. ”But there isn 't a beastie!” (pg.36) 7. Simon says this to reassure Ralph that he will be free off the island. “ no, im not. i just think you’ll get back alright.” (pg.111) 8. The fire goes out because no one is tending the fire and instead they went hunting. Jack and the hunters with him seem not to care about the fire at all. Ralph on the other hand was very disappointed that the fire went out and that without the fire the ships that pass by won 't be able to notice the signal. “they let the bloody fire go out.”

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