In Praise Of Boredom Ellen Ruppel Analysis

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In Ellen Ruppel's, “In Praise of Bordeom” she explains from her personal history that boredom can be more beneficial than having an itinerary for your child because it can suppress the room to grow in creativity and imagination. For example, when she was a child, she consistently attended a vacant parking lot and would entertain herself with activities such as reading books, bouncing balls around and playing in the grass. She mentions that we are losing trust in our kids and don’t give them a long enough leash to navigate into the world. Ellen points the finger at marketing, because these days we are taught that the more money we spend on a learned progress like karate, organized sports and lessons, the more successful they will grow up to be. She feels that parents are straining a child's creativity and that play is…show more content…
They are worried that their kid might get in trouble or that they are wasting their time. When I was younger, and even now sometimes, my parents would be concerned that I’m not using my time wisely. I agree with them in some certain aspects but most creative events happen unintentionally or as some people call it, “happy mistakes”. If parents are always watching what their kid do, it restricts their child from learning something on their own and even benefiting from it.
In conclusion, boredom can lead to great benefits such as the use of imagination and an outlet of creativity. Parents should let their child play freely because it can be useful in finding out their creative side and can possibly create something out of nothing. Society teaches us that the more money we spend on child development, they will become more successful and more intellectually sound. I believe that this is a big flaw in our system because what truly is priceless is the knowledge that is gained through trial and error and the endless possibilities
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