Inches From The 5th Level Of Sleep, Rapid Eye Movement

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Significance of Dreams
Darkness surrounds him as he plummet into the unknown. He feels as though he have been swallowed by a monstrous creature, into the unknown depths. The ground comes into focus, slowly encroaching him. Inches from the ground, his eyes snap open. This is an example of a nightmare. Nightmares and dreams come from the 5th level of sleep, Rapid Eye Movement (REM). REM sleep is occurs generally 70-90 minutes after a person falls asleep. This is the stage where dreams are expressed, dreams are responds to signals from the cerebral cortex. What most people don't understand is that dreams and nightmares aren't random. The environment directly affects a person's dreams and sleep state, the need to understand what dreams mean, and …show more content…

A. (1993). In the study pressure cuffs were put on around the four volunteers ankles as they slept. Dreamers reported having pressure on the leg which the pressure cuff was attached. It ranged between having a tingling feeling to complete paralysis in that leg during REM sleep. Things such as the temperature in the room a person is sleeping in can be a factor in the minor parts of dreams. An example of this is if the room a person is in is cold, he/she could be in a winter or cold climate in the dream they are experiences. Where vise versa a room that is to warm could cause a dreamer to be in a warm climate or environment. Smells and repressed feelings can also manifestation in a dreamer's dream state. The reason this is an important thing to remember is because it can help people understand what is going on around them while they …show more content…

While senior citizens who were also high on the scale experienced the continued amount of dream recall (McNamara PhD, 2001). The senior citizen group was a group 78 people in a retirement home as to create a larger sample size. The students experienced more dreams, the dreams were more intense than the normal dream. This means that people with avoidance issues have a harder time recalling dreams.. This supports the idea that the consciousness wants to be connected to something. The point of this study comes down to it being attached to someone or

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