Comedy And Tragedy

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The novel The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian( Alexie S.J., Jr, 2007), written by Sherman Alexie, describes a story about a brave Indian boy called Arnold Spirit Jr. who finds out his potential and always go ahead towards his dream. Read throughout the book, comedy and tragedy always accompany with Arnold`s life. The 14-year-old Indian boy was born with illness and sneer. On the way he grew up, he suffered from various violence from different people. The tragedies in Arnold`s teenage life such as poverty, violence and death give readers deep impression. People could be closer to the true life by being in tragedies. In other words, tragedies could explain the subject matter better. Behind a perfect comedy, there would be some tragedies …show more content…

In the novel, Arnold falls in love with Penelope and readers could feel about the pure love. Arnold is accepted by his new friend Roger. Arnold and his old best friend Rowdy get back together. “Now that might just sound like a series of homophobic insults, but I think it was also a little bit friendly, and it was the first time that Rowdy had talked to me since I left the rez.”( Alexie S.J., Jr, 2007) People think that it is easy to obtain all of the beautiful times while they are reading an satisfactory result. Comedy reveals something difficult but people could defeat. Nevertheless, tragedy shows people a situation that they are enmeshed in difficulties that could defeat them anytime. When the teacher Miss Warren tells Arnold the terrible news that his sister dies of fire, he just hopes that his father would not die in the way pick him up. “Yeah, when I was a kid, just after I learned that my big sister died, I also found out that my father died in a car wreck on the way to pick me up from school.”( Alexie S.J., Jr, 2007) After his father appears within his sight, Arnold laugh and could not stop laughing. “I know, I know,” I said. “She’s dead. But you’re alive. You’re still alive.”( Alexie S.J., Jr, 2007) It is unbelievable for Arnold to laugh crazily at such a sad time. Analyze his psychology deeper, Arnold`s sister has already died, he could not be burdened with the same pain again. People could learn essences of humanity from

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