Industrial Decorating Services Case Study

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Q: What geographical region do you serve?

A: We 're open to offers from any part of the country.

Throughout our history, we 've been doing business in as many as 44 US states and 2 US territories.

Whenever you 're located on the American soil, we 'll be glad to be of help for your manufacturing facility!

Q: Besides industrial coating, are there any other services that you offer for setting up factory?

A: Sure, we 've got few other services for that matter, including one of our major services - industrial installations.

We 'll be more than glad to install either system that a manufacturing plant might need, starting with air conditioning and plumbing and finishing with onsite waste management systems.

Q: Can you tell me more about your industrial coatings
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A: Firstly, the list of materials that our coating can be applied to varies from brass, aluminum, and stainless steel to ceramics and plastic surfaces...

Then, the lead time for coating is typically between 5 and 10 working days.

On its durability and any hazardous elements in it, we can assure you that our coatings are semi-permanent and completely inert. They are not like release agents. They are completely safe with no outgassing.

In an application where food grade is necessary, we can provide a chain of custody compliance letter stating the coating is FDA Compliant according to Code of Federal Regulation 21.

Q: What is your warranty policy for industrial coating and industrial systems installations?

A: The warranty for renewals is the same as the OEM warranty.

Q: Where exactly can I see the pricing for your industrial services?

A: We approach each single business in an individual manner and we do not have a straightforward, uniform pricing table/

Please go to our Contact page and request a pricing quote on your specific factory plant 's

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