Hsc300 Unit 4 Business

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First we need to understand and know the customers. At a basic level, we should know the important factors of the customers like their demographic location, gender, website browsing habits etc. But that’s not enough.
If a customer is browsing some products on their mobile phones, then the target should be to serve the customer with required pictures, price as well as description about the product. This will help in providing customers with better shopping experience.
With the amount of information digitally available to customers on the internet, they can take a decent amount of time to make a purchase online. An effective way to increase the sales online is to have the website with different sections for companies reviews, how to …show more content…

Our business idea supports this vision by offering products based on the budget/income of our customers so that they can afford and change their lifestyle.
Our economical consultants are hired to create economy package for the majority of people. We understand that people have different brackets of income. We have to bring them at same level by offering them economy packages.
Our company mission is “We build lifestyle together!”
Business Strategy
Cornering saturated market
Our first business strategy is for huge companies to gain a good position in current market. We are targeting to be in fortune 500 companies that buy or merge other companies in the same domain. With this mission we will be dominate the market
Product Quality Differentiation
Making yourself unique from your competitor is the key requirement of our business success.
The same products are in the market with competitors but we cannot compromise with quality. Products in our company would be 100% genuine and we need to assure customers that we are not selling low quality products. As we will offer consultancy for economy package this will differentiate us from others as we are not only for making revenues. We care for all class of people.

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