Hsc300 Unit 4

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Regardless how much time is left in the shift,I 'd start by going over to the client who is injured and assist him. I would ensure that the client has clear airways and can breath. I would call for 9-1-1 and staff assistance. While emergency services are on the way I 'd look to see if there are any hazards in the area for us or the client. It 's important to stay calm and quiet with the client while we wait for emergency services to arrive. At this point ensuring the patient is calm and safe verses asking details of the event (until emergency services arrives) is key. Otherwise the client may get upset or go into shock over the event again.

Once emergency services has arrived for the client,I 'd ensure that everyone is okay and staying calm. This is the point where emergency services would take over. I would complete any paperwork relevant to the incident to this point to ensure that no important events are missed or …show more content…

At this point emergency services would take over the client and I would begin any in house protocol. Whether that is paperwork, assisting clients, or housekeeping in relevance to the event. Keeping the clients and staff calm as possible is key so everyone can progress afterwards. If the fellow who left returns, I would call for staff assistance and Police to pursue further action with them due to the nature of the event.

After the stress and commotion of the event has cleared, it has been confirmed that everyone is okay to progress on I would continue with my paperwork that was to be completed previously. There are many scenarios that can occur that will interrupt our everyday procedures. It 's not about the amount of time in the day but the quality and completion of work that gets done. This helps not only ourselves but our co-workers keep a smooth and positive environment for

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