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While some might argue that Industrialization had primarily positive consequences for society because there were many new job opportunities , it was actually a negative thing for society. Industrialization’s negative effects were little or no education, over competition for jobs and child labor laws weren’t enforced. First of all I would like to start off by pointing out that “In the Picture of “an Urban Tenement” you can see that there are kids around the house which is kind of implying that there not in school learning but instead you see them at home with women who which we can imply are their mothers”(document 6). With this being said this piece of evidence is showing us how back then people didn’t really care whether or not the children in the community got an education or not which shows us how there was little or no education back in this time. In my opinion this is sad because when you really think about it these children are being robbed of an education and a chance at a better future. Secondary I would like to say that In “The Encarta Graphic showing” it is implied that people are competing for the job in the assembly line because to assemble 10 units in a …show more content…

She was worked so much that after a while she started to become deformed from being a doffer for so long. She was still required to work even though she was deformed which just shows humanity how much child labor laws were needed to be enforced back in the 1800s. Because of the fact that child labor laws were not enforced back in this time many children had to suffer the abuse of the workers over working them and they also had to suffer growing up with deformities and not being able to grow up strong and healthy like kids should

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