Volcano Kilauea Hawaii Essay

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Volcano Kilauea Hawaii
Imagine this, the hard rocks underneath your feet. The wind blowing in your face, and hot lava streaming through the area. Lava rocks tumble down the bigger rocks with the sound of the lava popping, reminding you of the candy pop rocks. The steam flowing up like your boiling water and needing clean water badly. Keeping eyes out watching for predators, located in the mountains of Hawaii. Volcano Kilauea is the oldest volcano in the world and is 300,000 to 600,000 years old. It 's a big rock that is always surrounded by lava day and night. What if you lived here? How would you survive? The main impacts in this environment are animals, air quality, and humans.
First of all, the animals all learn to adapt to the environment and some of the animals are native their. For example, the Indian mongoose adapts in its own way. They live in big groups, and has about 50 members of surviving the team. According to Alina Bradford, Live Science Contributor, “the stay in one place for about one full week. To alert when a predator they communicate.” (Bradford, Live Science). This helps them adapt and survive because they keep each other safe and keeps them from becoming lonely. Another animal is the Nene goose. According to AYC and Your Creations, “The species …show more content…

Many people and animals who live there are known for their way of adapting to the environment. This Volcano is a very beautiful view to look at with all the tropical trees and water in the back. The air quality may be bad when the volcanoe irrupts but when its not its so nice and warm. The animals and humans may have been impacted by this volcano, but when its not erupting it 's a blast to be on a tropical island. There 's so much food and water to enjoy, and just to lay on the sand is nice but be careful of crabs! So would you come visit this volcano and take an adventure in the

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