Informative Speech About Asthma

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Agarwal: Hello all, welcome to my home. I’m glad that you could make it today to discuss this very important topic. Galloway: Thank you having us. Barnes: Yes, Thank you for inviting us. Agarwal: Alright so who wants to start? (Everyone sits in silence for a brief moment) Galloway: Well I guess I’ll start us with the first question. How would each of you define Asthma? Barnes: According to my research asthma was first defined in 1959 as “a disease characterized by wide variation over short periods of time in resistance to flow in the airways of the lung. Agarwal: I believe I have read that somewhere before also. I would define Asthmas as a chronic inflammatory disorder of the airways that reveals itself as recurring occurrences of wheezing, trouble breathing, chest tightness and coughing. I would characterize it by bronchial hyper-responsiveness and variable airflow obstruction, that is often reversible either spontaneously or with treatment. Galloway: Asthma is very serious. It a long-term incurable condition that has an effect on millions of people of all ages. If left untreated I really believe that asthma can be life threatening. Barnes: Yes I definitely agree with that over the past 10 years the world has seen major changes in the way that asthma is perceived as a disease of airway inflammation rather than in terms of disordered smooth muscle function. Barnes: I believe Agarwal stated something very similar to this before, but in vulnerable individuals the

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