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It 's just about Halloween, that time when you can heap on that fake blood, wear the most crazy dress, shower paint your hair green and gathering like it 's 1999!

In the event that you 're searching for an energizing night of alarming horseplay where you can grasp the panic fest of the spookiest night of the year. This year Halloween (October 31st) falls on a Saturday *cue an all-powerful cheer from each working Londoner*

London has the absolute most alarming Halloween parties around – with this year being no exemption. Whether you are searching for some skipping fun on the Thames or a dismay night of phantoms and demons – London has it all so draw out your inward devil at one of these spook-tacular parties!

1.) Get Chilly In A Chapel

Begin the night out with a blast! Head to the spooky Union Chapel. Chills In
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8. Chills and Thrills

May the (g-)power be with you! Visit one of London 's amusement parks for an adrenaline-fuelled experience that will make you shout with chuckling. Chessington World of Adventures, Thorpe Park and Legoland Windsor run exceptional Halloween and half term occasions ensured to get your heartbeat hustling.

9. Evil Treats

For a shamefully heavenly treat (hold the traps), visit one of London 's best cake shops in pre-winter, where you 'll discover Halloween cupcakes, cake pops and the sky is the limit from there. For gutsy eaters just, Harrods stocks Hoxton Street Monster Supplies ' scope of Cubed Earwax, Jelly Dentures and Eyeball Cubes for a genuinely frightful treat.

10. Strong Potions

With garlic in totally everything, eatery Garlic and Shots is the main venue in London ensured to be 100% vampire free! Are you overcome enough to attempt one of its popular bloodshots (a potent blend of vodka, tomato, garlic, bean stew and zest). In case you 're feeling shaken, look for asylum at Pix and test lusciously strong mixed drinks, served through a seal in the divider, in the shrouded establishments

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