Injustice In Larry Watson's Montana 1948

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The book Montana 1948 by Larry Watson makes you think about the injustices throughout the novel. This book is based on a true story of a 12 year old boy named David, who grew up in Montana after WWII. David shares this book in first person perspective. He talks about what his family is going through and how they have to put up with Uncle Franks crime. While reading this true story we learn that taking advantage of our power can lead to mortal consequences. Indians are not worth a lot socially and to the people. According to Wesley's father, he simply " held them in low regard"(34). He could treat the Indians like treating another human, with generosity, kindness, and respect. Although he didn’t change his thoughts of the Indians, "they were ignorant, lazy, superstition and irresponsible"(34). Racism took part in this story. David learned about his father's racism when he was eight. When Wesley tells him he can't wear the shoes that he got for his birthday. This shows how power of full control could lead people to do things you want. …show more content…

According to the book "pneumonia is still a very serious, we must not lose sign of that"(89). They did not worry about her death but the fact that the pneumonia diseases was still happening worried them much more. The family did not care if Marie died. Frank was covering his crime instead of turning himself in. In the book it shows that " I think the Indian way is to deny illness, to try to push through in the face of it."(89)Their thoughts on the Indian lifestyles is that they avoid all bad things as hurtful as they are and move on to do something else. Indians have always been assumed and judged before they actually get to know them. The death of Marie seemed of little importance to the people or at least made it sound that

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