Book Report On Light In The Forest

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Light in the Forest
Back in the eighteenth century, racism was a very serious thing. It went from coloreds being picked on, being slaves, and even killed sometimes. Light in the Forest is a great example of how raciest not only the whites were, but also the Indians. Racism was showed by just about every character in the book, besides Del. Uncle Wilse showed very strong hate towards the Indians, as well as Uncle Owens. Del showed care for True Son and what he was going through, even though True Son was very raciest at first, he had grown, adapted, and developed a sense of care for the whites. In the beginning of the book True Son showed extreme love and care for his Indian culture. When True Son found out that he was going back to his so called …show more content…

Ever since the first time True Son met his Uncle Wilse, all he talked about was how much he hated those red, colored Indians. Uncle Wilse believed that Indians were the worst people ever. On page 42 Uncle Wilse says, “Bad is good and good is bad, stealing is a virtue, lying is an art, and butchering and scalping white women and young ones is the master accomplishment” (Richter, 42). Uncle Wilse said this because he believed that was what in Indians drilled into True Sons head. On page 44, Uncle Wilse also said “The best thing that could have happened to them was blowing Indian heads off, kill Indian women and young children, scalping them and chopping and cutting off their feet and hands” (Richter, 44). Also his Uncle Owens talks to True Son about how white men die if they kill Indians, but if Indians kill white men they are to only wait a trial that they will probably never get. At the end of the book, Half Arrow and Little Crane decide to go to Uncle Wilse's house thinking that True Son was there, only to find out that he was not there. So Little Crane and Half Arrow tried to tell Uncle Wilse funny stories about white people. Uncle Wilse didn’t find the stories very amusing, so Uncle Wilse decided to kill one of the Indians, and it so happened to be Little

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