Injustice Miranda Cases

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the, 5th amendment of the United States Constitution by enforcing Due Process, the rights of the accused and the right to counsel. Ernesto Miranda was born in Mesa, Arizona in 1941. (Hogrogian, J. p.103) Ernesto Miranda lived a troublesome youth. At the age of fifteen he was convicted of stealing a car, later arrested for trying to rape a woman and arrested six times by the age of eighteen. (Burgan, M. p. 16) It was not until March 3, 1963 when an assault would lead Ernesto Miranda as the main suspect in what would turn out to be a landmark Supreme Court case. The Victim an eighteen year old who was walking home after work was and was abducted, tied, robbed and raped. (Hogrogian, J. 1999 ) The abductor, a man who threaten his victim

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