Innocent In Lord Of The Flies Analysis

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In the beginning of Lord of the flies Jack was Innocent and not yet a killer. Jack was standing over the pig with the Knife ready to kill, but a wave of terror washed over him freezing him in his tracks. The pig untangled itself and broke free leaving Jack still frozen with terror. “I was choosing a place.” said jack. “I was just waiting for a moment to decide where to stab him.” (Golding 31). Jack was not yet accustomed to killing so the thought of stabbing a living being scared him. The author is showing that the boys were still innocent because they were new to the island and learning how to stay alive. Also at this point in story the boys have not succumbed to the madness of the island.

Jack had spent a long time hunting the pig and was ecstatic when he finally killed it. Jack was walking back from the hunt with his fellow hunters Sam and Eric, who were carrying the pig. When Jack saw Ralph he raised his spear and excitedly told Ralph that he had killed the …show more content…

Ralph and his friends were about to fight Jack and his tribe, when a boulder pushed by Roger came down and knocked Piggy off a cliff, to a gruesome death. After Piggy hit the ground and his body washed away into the sea, Jack jumped forward screaming at Ralph that he had no tribe and no power anymore. “‘I’m the chief’ Viciously with full intention he hurled his spear at Ralph. The point tore the skin and flesh over Ralph’s ribs, then sheared off and fell in the water.” (Golding 181). At this point Jack has completely lost his innocence because he wanted piggy dead and did not feel anything for piggy after he watched him die. Also that he wanted Ralph dead and intentionally wounded Ralph to gain his power. The author is showing that over time the madness of the island has gotten to Jack, and that his lust for power has lead him lose his innocence and do terrible things to the people around

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