Insanity In The Tell-Tale Heart By Edgar Allan Poe

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Would you like to read the scariest story? Either way you should know a famous author, Edgar Allan Poe. With a poem of his own, The Tell-Tale Heart gave a lot of audience. It shows how the Poe kills a man very slowly making you wanting more of his actions. The Tell-Tale Heart has the more insanity than I felt a Funeral in my Brain.
Throughout in The Tell-Tale Heart, it shows slow and described words. Given that, it makes the story even scarier. One piece of evidence is, “Oh, you would have laughed to see how cunningly I thrust it in! I moved it slowly, - very, slowly so that I might not disturb the old man’s sleep.”(3) To explain this evidence, the author decided to do past tense to describe how slow he’s going. Overall, with this past tense is making it scarier and suspense. Another piece of evidence, “Was it possible they heard not? Almighty God! – no, no? They heard! – They suspected! – They KNEW! – They were making a mockery of my horror! – this I thought, and this I think. But anything was better than this agony! Anything was more tolerable than his derision1 I could bear those hypocritical smiles no longer! I felt that I must scream or die! – and now – again – hark! Louder! Louder! Louder! LOUDER!” (17) In this example, shows the past tense as the sound getting louder. The author feels in grave danger of the cops finding a dead body in his house. In the end, Poe realizes he’s into insanity.
Edgar Allan Poe goes crazy for an eye. With an old man living with him for a couple of years now, he realizes he wants the vulture eye that the old man has. An example, “He had the eye of a vulture – a pale blue eye
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“Kept treading – treading – till it seemed, That sense was breaking through –“(3-4) Overall, the best insanity poem is The Tell – Tale Heart from Edgar Allan Poe. “But why will you say that I am mad? The disease had sharpened my senses, not destroyed – not dulled them.”
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