Insanity Plea Pros And Cons

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The insanity plea is only used 1% in the criminal cases, and only 25% in that one percent are successful however that doesn’t mean that they can’t have the option to chose that defense.The insanity defense should be kept as is because if it were to be taken away it would affect the people that are actually mentally insane, it can benefit the mentally insane, also if the insanity plea was taken away they could be a danger to the prison. Although the insanity defense isn’t used often that doesn’t make it irrelevant. Taking away the testimony would really harm whoever is actually insane. It would affect them negatively because they wouldn’t receive proper treatment and attention. If an individual murdered someone because they were hearing voices in their heads telling them to do so or that the person they’re about to kill is an evil person and by killing them they’re doing a good thing that’s going to protect others …show more content…

Penal institutions in America are already over packed making it harder for the prison guards to look out for everyone. Mental diseases such as schizophrenia and bipolar disorder can make it hard to control for their thoughts and actions, which results in them committing malicious crimes, such as murder. But, these personas do not know that they are doing something terribly wrong. Because of this, they sometimes end up in prison. But with the insanity plea, the accused have a chance in defending themselves. Stating that they are suffering from a mental disorder, and because of that, they have done things that are against the law. In conclusion people that are mentally ill should have the right to chose the insanity defense, it wouldn’t be fair to just throw them into a prison when they can get a much needed treatment, putting them into a prison can harm them and the prison. Just because the insanity testimony isn’t used a lot doesn’t mean it isn’t an actual issue, so we should keep

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