Integrity In Sir Gawain And The Green Knight

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In Sir Gawain and the Green Knight the theme is based on integrity, all of which is categorized in a romance. Knights are judged by their behavior and also by the code of chivalry. In this poem, King Arthur and his knights are challenged. The chivalry of King Arthur’s court is challenged by the Green Knight” however, in embarrassment of his fellow men King Arthur takes on the challenge himself only for Sir Gawain, his nephew, to take him on instead as he claims he has nothing to lose. To put it differently, Gawain’s integrity was challenged. Sir Gawain proved himself by passing the three major tests: the challenge itself, the testing of his virtues, and the penance he accepted as he confessed clean of his sins, at the Green Knights reveal behind the challenge.
The challenge is a test itself since Sir Gawain did not have to accept the confrontation. He beamed with bravery and rectitude. Gawain spoke with no remorse as he said to be least missed. He claimed to only owning honor, owing to the fact that he was King Arthur’s nephew. In form, the self-righteousness of this words granted him the position to take on the Green Knight’s request. Sir Gawain exhibited courage in word and deed. In result, he kept his word to once again find the Green Knight after the challenge was accepted, only this time he would get something in return.
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He faced many dares which tested his virtues. He stayed honest to his morals and held a strong ground. Not only did Gawain keep his loyalty to the code, he discovered more about himself than he intended to. Sir Gawain passed each major test, all including the challenge from the Green Knight himself, the seduction of the Green Knight’s wife, and the penance he accepted as he confessed clean of his sins and the Green Knight revealed his motive of the challenge. Sir Gawain carried himself in an honorable way and he now knew

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