Intercountry Adoption Paper

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Over the last decade intercountry adoption has been dramatically increasing, becoming a relatively common method of family formation among American parents. In the article “Constructing Interracial Families Through Intercountry Adoption”, four researchers from the University of Illinois analyze the role of race and ethnicity in constructing American families through intercountry adoption basing their findings off of the U.S. 2000 Census. Researchers, Hiromi Ishizawa, Catherine T. Kenney, Kazuyo Kubo, and Gillian Stevens, argue that intercountry adoptions, illustrate the fluidity and tenacity of specific racial boundaries in American families. In their research they seek to investigate how parents who adopt children from abroad take the child’s…show more content…
Another variable that determines the race of the adopted child varies by the presence of other children in the household. As a matter a fact, they found that “[w]hen there are biologically related children in the household, the adopted child is significantly more likely to be white, like his or her adopting parents and thus, in most cases, like his or her
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