Internal And External Factors Leading To The Decline Of Rome

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Imperial decline and collapse in both the Roman Empire in Europe and the Han dynasty in China in the period 600BCE to 600CE was caused by internal and external pressures and an economic decline.
Both the Roman Empire and Han dynasty faced internal and external conflicts that developed over time and eventually led to their downfall. In the Roman Empire, strong military leaders such as Gaius Marius and Julius Caesar raised powerful armies hoping to seize power over Rome and institute their rule. Diocletian, a Roman ruler, divided the empire into two parts, each with its own leaders, hoping that it would help stabilize the government. Non-Romans such as the Visigoths and the Huns invaded Rome, which was already declining at the time, and aided …show more content…

One reason for the decline of the Roman economy was military overspending which left little money for important activities such as providing housing and maintaining public roads and buildings. Another reason is that as Rome stopped conquering new lands and decreased trade, the flow of gold into the economy decreased causing salaries to be paid in food or clothing rather than money. Many Roman people began to buy items from slave owners rather than farmers because the slave owners’ items were cheaper. The farmers who did not own slaves could not compete with the prices and they were forced to sell their land and live on the streets since there were limited job opportunities in Rome at the time. Meanwhile, the Han had a weakening government that was not able to ensure taxes were collected, making them unable to collect enough tax revenue to fund the court and support the army. Large landowners also began to earn large amounts of money while the farmers with very little land were unable to earn enough money to support them, which widened the gap between the rich and the poor. Lower populations due to the spread of diseases forced Han leaders to raise taxes, but the lower classes could not earn enough money to pay them. Another reason why the Han dynasty

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