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In Ford 's "Optimists" it tells the story of the protagonist Frank and his family. On this significant night, Frank 's father, Roy, returns home early after encountering the death of a man. When he returns home stricken with fear, he sees his wife has company over, Penny and Boyd Mithcell. Boyd begins an argument with Roy, as he is drunk, and in doing so infuriates Roy to the point where he hits him. When Roy hits Boyd it knocks him to his death, changing the family 's whole world. Although this event did change Frank by the end, he doesn 't develop much as a character. Therefore, Frank is considered a flat and dynamic character. Ford suggests that even in the toughest situations, we have to try and be optimistic. While Roy is going through all that he is, seeing a man die, "accidentally" killing a man, and having to go to jail, he is still trying his best to keep a smile on his face. Roy only wishes happiness and the enjoyment of life for him and his family. Even after he killed a man, he still hopes that his family can believe just as he does. Ford …show more content…

people is Roy and Boyd 's argument. Boyd is in Roy 's home when he returns from work. After hearing Roy 's story of a man 's death at work, Boyd oversteps slightly. He begins calling him names such as "featherbedder" (35) and saying that he is "...bad for this country" (35). In doing so, it angers Roy and he hits him knocking his "big, thick, heavy body" to the ground (36). This hit wasn 't just a small hit either it was a type of hit "to kill" (36). After Roy is arrested and his family comes to pick him up from jail they return home. When they return home, we see an example of people vs. society. As Frank, Roy and Dorothy return home, they see some "lights in some neighbors ' houses" (37) and even saw "a man at the window across the street, both his hands to the glass" watching as they walked in (37). It was like the whole world was ready to watch and look at the man who killed

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