Into The Wild, By Jon Krakauer

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Prompt 3

Into the Wild, by Jon Krakauer, is a modern American work of literature that has demonstrated two literary eras that are important and play a role in the book: naturalism and realism. This is shown through Chris McCandless’ adventure of going to the Alaska wilderness. However the book did start off on a morbid and depressing way about how Chris had to face nature.

As the book begins, it starts off by saying on how Chris McCandless was found dead by Moose hunters. Chris had left clues and pieces of evidence on how he got there before they finally took his body to the Scientific Crime Laboratory. “The body was taken to Anchorage where an autopsy was performed at the Scientific Crime Laboratory. The remains were …show more content…

In this, Chris McCandless is forced back into society through the shortage of money. “At the time he wrote these words, he was holding down a full time job, flipping Quarter Pounders at a McDonald’s on the main drag. Commuting to work on a bicycle. Outwardly, he was living a surprisingly conventional existence, even going as far as to open a saving at a local bank” (Krakauer 39) This piece of evidence shows that realism was used in Chris McCandless life. He had already began to go on his adventure. He was however drawn back into it because if he wanted to continue on his journey, then he must have some money. This piece of evidence proves that America’s reality is working hard. For Chris, he had to work hard for money and even though he didn't have a choice, reality had came back to his …show more content…

In the book it mentions about how Chris was a virgin but had a complicated way of interacting with girls. Krakauer says that this subject is something that America is usually upsetted by. “We Americans are titillated by sex, obsessed by it horrified by it. When an apparently healthy person especially a healthy young man, elects to forgo the antecedents of the flesh, it shocks us and we leer. Suspicions are aroused.” (Krakauer 66) The author explains that even though in today's world, especially in America, people are not comfortable with the idea of sexual things. However, he explains it that actually portrays how it is today. It is a topic that most people don't want to discuss or mention something into this only except for when there is some story or drama. It then entices us Americans and we want to look into it more and more. It only wants us to look into it more. It is a secretive thing that entices

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