Into The Wild By Jon Krakauer: Chapter Analysis

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At the beginning of the chapter, we learn that many people who read the January 1993 edition of Outside felt that McCandless was mentally disturbed. The story generated a large volume of mail on what many thought was the glorification of a foolish death. Most of the negativity came from Alaskan citizens. Everyone commented on how there was nothing positive about Chris or the journey that he was taking. Nick Jans, a schoolteacher, wrote the most critical note to Krakauer. He said that he has come across many people like Chris McCandless. He went on to say that Chris was hardly unique and the only difference was that he ended up dead. Slide 2 The note continues and says that Chris’s ignorance is what ultimately killed him. Jans says that he felt for his parents, but had no sympathy for him. He ends his note with commenting that all of notes, journals, and postcards that McCandless wrote were like work that was done from an above average high school kid.Chris was another person who came to …show more content…

He seemed to thrive in hardship. Gene Rosellini built his own home in Hippie Cove. He built the home without a saw or an ax. He would spend days just trying to get through one log with a sharp stone. Rosellini also exercised compulsively by lifting weights and running 18 miles daily with a load of rocks on his back. He lived this lifestyle for more than a decade until the he got the answer to his question. He determined that it was impossible to live off the land. He seemed to accept his failure and quickly recast his goals. He wanted to hike around the world and live out of his backpack. He planned on covering an average of 18-27 miles a day. But, before this expedition started, Rosellini was found face down in his shack with knife through his heart. It was determined the wound was self-inflicted. No suicide note was ever

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