Journal Entries For Into The Wild By Jon Krakauer

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Into the Wild Journals
Passage: “S.O.S. I need your help. I am injured, near death, and too weak to hike out of here. I am all alone, this is NO JOKE. In the name of God, please remain to save me. I am out collecting berries close by and shall return this evening. Thank you, Chris McCandless. August?”(Krakauer,12)

Journal: (P)At this point in the book two different parties have found Chris McCandless's note. I think at this point he is already dead with this things written at the start of the book and the rotting smell. I do not think the two parties will trust one another and help report him in fear that the other party killed him. I did not understand why Chris spend all day searching for food while already being really weak. I also think …show more content…

The decision he made to go to Alaska was not a spontaneous one. He had planned his great Alaskan adventure for a 4 months now and he was sharing his thoughts and his preparations about the his trip with the people he met along the way on his journey. It was also revealed in the book that Alex was old prepare for the trip. He did not have enough food to sustain him and this clothes and shoes were not warm enough and we're not waterproof. He also denied help from any other people by not accepting the things they got from the his trip. I thought that that was really arrogant and rude because it made him look like he was a god and did not need anyone's help.

Passage:“Two years he walks the earth, no phone, no pool, no pets, no cigarettes. Ultimate freedom. Extremist. An atheist of Voyager whose home is the road. Escape from Atlanta. Thou shall not return, cause the West is the best. And now after two rambling yours comes the final and greatest adventure, the climactic battle to kill the false being within the victoriously conclude the spiritual revolution .10 days and nights of freight trains and hitchhiking bring him up on to the Great North no longer to be poisoned by a civilization he flees, and walked upon the land to become lost in the

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