Invasion Of The Body Snatchers Analysis

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Invasion of the Body Snatchers is a 1956 science fiction film about a mysterious alien invasion in Santa Mira, a fictitious town in California, and a local doctor’s attempts to end and escape the epidemic. Taking place in the 1950’s, the events portrayed in the film each build up to the theme of the movie, that one should place utmost value on their individual identity. The film begins with Dr. Hill, a psychiatrist, who arrives at an emergency room in California to talk with a detained and screaming man, who tells the story of the previous days in a flashback. Dr. Miles Bennell, the screaming man from the emergency room has returned to his hometown after a long trip and encounters some of his patients, each of whom believes that their loved …show more content…

They hide in an abandoned mine, squeezing underneath a set of loose floor boards just as the townspeople begin to search the area. After the ‘pod people’ leave, Becky hears music and Bennell leaves his exhausted girlfriend behind to investigate, reminding her to stay awake in order to protect her identity. The doctor discovers a greenhouse, where the seed-pods are being mass-produced in order to spread the invasion across the Earth. On his return to Becky, Bennell kisses his girlfriend and realizes that she has become emotionless and cold, having fallen asleep and been replaced by a pod person. He realizes that the women he loves is gone, having none of the emotions or personality that he fell in love with. Bennell escapes capture once again, running towards the nearby highway and dashing in between cars as he attempts to find a ride. However, once Miles finds transport vehicles loaded with the seedpods and bound for other parts of California, he begins to scream at the passengers in the cars. “They’re after you,” he cries, “you’re next!” The flashback ends, returning to a disheveled Dr. Bennell inside the emergency room. It’s clear that Dr. Hill, the psychiatrist listening to Miles, doesn’t believe the patient; however, when a truck driver is wheeled into the room on a stretcher, having been run into by a Greyhound bus and found amidst a pile of seed

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