Escape From Camp 14 Analysis

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Escape from Camp 14 is a bibliography about the main character Shin and how he managed to be one of the first civilians to successfully escape from a Political Camp. As Shin was growing up, he had to face terrible living conditions in Camp 14. Food was always hard to come by, so Shin often survived by eating insects and rats.North Korea is known for their many abominations to humanity. The country is also known for their communist political make up that has abused all of the North Korean people since World War 2. Food shortages, media bans, torture, and political camps are some of the major issues that are going on in North Korea today, and their dictatorship is the cause of it all. One of the main factors of food shortages in North Korea …show more content…

The North Korean citizens are sent to work in the political if they express differences in political and religious belief that the dictator implemented. The political camps are places where the government imprison people and force them to work under harsh conditions. Shin received a job to go work in the garment factory. His responsibilities was to fix the sewing machines when they broke, and if he couldn’t fix it he was responsible for carrying it upstairs for someone else to fix. One day while Shin was working at the factory one of the machines broke and he wasn’t able to fix it so he had to take it upstairs;while he was walking up the stairs with it he accidentally dropped it on the floor and his punishment was that he had to get his finger cut off. Shin also tell the audience about many other times that people was mistreated in the camp for matters that was out of their control. This is a violation of human rights because there are laws implemented that says no one should be forced to work as no one slave nor should they work while being abused. The government in North Korea is violating those terms because they are doing everything that laws state not to

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