Invasive Species Effects

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As students we have learned in school that every animal and plants can be species. The definition of invasive species is an alien species whose introduction does cause an economic harm or harm to human health. (Sarah Zielinski,2011) My own interpretation of invasive species would be animals or plants from another region of the world that don’t belong in their new environment. Invasive species are introduced into an area through ship waters, accidental release, and also by humans. Invasive species can have harmful effects to the environment such as, affecting the ecosystem; limiting biodiversity; and using resources available to the existing habitats. Invasive species are also recognized in forest and open forest habitats. An example of…show more content…
They are many reasons why species are successful at effectively living in a new environment. Species have many different characteristics that allow them to be successful in its own habitat, some of the characteristics are they have the ability to grow quickly. They have very basic eating diets. The species can spread out too many other environment conditions and survive. For example, Kudzu became known as “The mile a minute vine” and “the line that ate the south” due to its quick growth and widespread takeover. (Gonzalez) Species have the ability to have multiple offspring and reproduce quickly, gives them the ability to have a large number of their species and gives them a higher chance to dominant their…show more content…
An example of this species is an Zebra Mussels. Zebra mussels are invasive can kill native freshwater mussels in two ways the attachment to the shells of native species can kill them. Another way these species can outcompete native mussels and other filter feeding invertebrates for food. Zebra mussels are from Eastern Europe and Russia. They were brought over to the great lakes in ships. The population of zebra mussels were first discovered in the Great Lakes in 1988. Scientifically known as Dreissena Polymorpha. They are very different from Great Lake another region. The shellfish is small and has pattern on the outside of their shell. The color can change from only being dark to light colors with no stripes. Zebra mussels also have a large reproduction

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