Invasive Species Research Paper

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Invasive species Pythons population is rapidly growing in Florida causing corruption in florida with the animals and their habitats. Invasive species in the United states is a big problem especially in the everglades in Florida and other places in the south. The invasive species are from all over the word and they are all different types of animals. Most invasive animals in the everglades eating other bait fish which are other animals prey and possibly eating other predators. I know at my house we have some overpopulated animals but if they were to be eaten by an opposing animal plants would overpopulate my woods at my house. People should not house dangerous animals because the animals affect humans and pets, destroy other animals …show more content…

People will not take good care of them because they get to big and their owners get scared and release them into the wild where there is already other animals habitats without thinking there is other ways you can get rid of your invasive pet. The second reason is, Certain plant rely on animals to keep them alive in their environment in which they live in. If you take the animal away from its original environment it could affect plants that rely on that animal and could cause the animal that went to its new environment to cause it to scare an animal away that had a plant that relied on that animal. or the new animal could eat the plant that the other animal relied on.My third and final reason is, The invasive species multiply and take over the environment causing corruption and harm.The animals take over other animals habitats causing the ecosystem to change which is not a good thing. Some of the animals that are brought here could have the same similar habitat that the native animals have and could scare the native animals out of their original habitat.Since the animals ruin the environment people should not release the non native animals. People who are worried about there invasive species getting to big should call someone who deals with wild animals and they will decide what they need to do with the

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