Invisible Soldiers Research Paper

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Transitioning from a placid environment to a war zone happens to be easy. For months soldiers train for their deployment and prepare to overcome certain challenges. Converting from the war zone back to home is utterly disparate. To return back to the life that once existed prior to deployment and secluding the survival mindset can occur as difficult. Many soldiers distinguish themselves bestriding two atmospheres. With their mind functioning as if they’re enclosed by danger, but in reality they are in the safety of their prior surroundings. While leaving the war zone with or without physical wounds, they may return with invisible wounds, which are memories and fears from war. When duty calls, veterans leave their families to defend America not aware of the invisible wounds that can occur. Upon returning to civilian life, veterans most struggle with ingratiating themselves into domestic civilization. …show more content…

What a soldier experiences on the battlefield can include traumatic events or even injuries that permanently changes the way they view themselves and the world as a whole. The soldier has had to live in an environment that seems foreign to civilians. The sights, smells, and the daily routine of the soldier can only be imagined but not re-lived by the family. Family members don’t thoroughly grasp the malaise the soldier suffers. Often military personnel live through the traumatic experiences that lead to post-traumatic stress disorder, or PTSD. PTSD is a disorder that can develop after someone is exposed to traumatic events. At some point in veteran’s lives, 7.8 percent of Americans are estimated to experience PTSD. (Citation) With the experiences soldiers face, it often compels individuals to change

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