Is Creon Justified In Antigone

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Kory Hollis Ms Turner English 2 3rd Jan 1st 2023

Who’s To Blame?

Why is it that people fail to understand others' perspectives? If you were debating about something would you hear your peers? In the story Sophocles Antigone all the main characters fail to understand their peers' perspectives. In the story Sophocles Antigone she is trying to bury her brother Polynieces which is not allowed because of a new law. However she buries Polyneices anyways and as expected she is punished. In the end everyone suffered from this action of hers. In Sophocles Antigone Haemon,Creon and Antigone's actions can all be justified. Haemons actions can be justified because he is trying to persuade his father …show more content…

He is trying to be just but his vision and actions are clouded. Creon explains that he will not allow the burial of Polyneices because of what he did to his people which was betrayal. In Sophocles, Antigone it says “whose one idea was to spill the blood of his blood and sell his own people into slavery—Polyneices”. This shows that Creon is doing this for his people and to respect the fact that they deserve justice. Creon is just trying to help his empire and he believes it is fair for Polyneices to not get buried because of his actions against his people. In Sophocles Antigone it states “; but his brother Polyneices, who broke his exile to come back with fire and sword against his native city”. This shows that Creon decided that his actions were for the best for his people. This shows that Creon was trying to be justified by doing what's right for his people and not letting personal ties disrupt what's right. Antigone is justified in her own way because she is trying to bury her brother because she feels since he is dead he deserves to be out in peace. Antigone stated that her brother deserves a burial just like anybody else because he also fought. According to Sophacles Antigone “And it was right that he should; but

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