Is Democracy Better Than Monarchy

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What would be your preferred society? One where you do not have to make many decisions, or one where you can help make all the decisions? One where you could speak out, for your community, or one where all the officials make all the decisions? Hard to decide, is it not? This debate has been talked about, and thrown around for a long time now. The two sides to this debate have been arguing for a long time now, with different points coming up all the time. Why do the people arguing for democracy, say that it is a better system, than a monarchy? First off, democracy makes sure that people retain some power, and know what is going on in their government. Secondly, democracy makes sure that not only one person, gets all the power, unlike in a monarchy. (That would be too high of a concentration of power). Lastly, democracy lets you choose representatives, to speak for your state/community. On paper, monarchy seems like a good idea. The people are carefree, with the people that have knowledge, making decisions. In reality though, the system of using monarchy to govern, should not be used. Democracy is a more efficient system to govern by, rather than a monarchy. First off, democracy makes sure that people retain some power, and know what is …show more content…

Now, the choice is up to you. All the evidence is laid out. All the claims have been said. Democracies are more efficient than monarchies because democracies make sure that people retain some power and know what is going on in their government, democracies make sure that not only one person gets all the power, and democracy lets you choose representatives to speak on behalf for your state/community. In conclusion, there is enough provided enough evidence, to inform you, on whether democracy, or monarchy is the most efficient system. Now, it is your turn to make the final decision. Which system do YOU think is more

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