Odysseus: The Cunning Greek Hero

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There have been heroes in stories ever since the beginning of time. We tell the tale of great people who suffer and persevere through challenges. But there is a hero different to other ones: the cunning Greek hero Odysseus. Unlike other heroes, he relies on his wits to overcome the challenges rather than strength. Choices that Odysseus makes is what sets him apart from other heroes. Odysseus will surely, using his wits, return home before it is too late to reclaim his wife and kingdom. Odysseus makes wise and poorly considered decisions in his journey to his beloved Ithaca. He will face many challenges, but he will persevere through them. Through decisions that Odysseus makes shows traits like intelligence and arrogant.

Odysseus decides wisely to withhold the information that six men will perish in the hands of the monster Scylla; this reveals he is intelligent and is able to think ahead. Odysseus says, “”This I have not told the crew, for it would only make their knees shake, and there was …show more content…

He is just simply a mere mortal who yearns to get to his kingdom and to his family. He is one man against all odds and gods. Odysseus is alone and lost and longs to be in his home. Odysseus is flawed and average, just like us. Even though a god detests him, Odysseus never gave up or fall in despair, instead, every strike and hit makes him even more determined to get home. Odysseus is lost, trying to find his way back home. Isn't that sometimes just like us? It’s a simple thing to pine for: finding your way back but yet it is so hard. Odysseus may be a hero, but he, like us, is a human and there are flaws and that makes us imperfect. Odysseus, like us, makes mistakes and there are times when we are confused and mistaken. But makes him so appealing is that we can relate to him. Even though Odysseus is hurt and broken he still kept going. Driven by hope and love, at last, our hero Odysseus finally found his way back

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