Is Rainsford Civilized In Looking For Alask

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Being civilized means being ( A place or people) to stage a social, cultural, and moral development, considered to be more advanced. I thinks it means who is better at hunting in this story. Evidence from the story shows that Zaroff considers himself civilize, Rainsford considers Zaroff civilized, and Rainsford considers himself civilized. Now “You see, I read all books about hunting published in English, French, and Russian (page 45). witch to me that is him saying he is trying to make himself look cranny. smarter than Rainsford. That is like Zaroff is saying I know more about hunting and i am better than you. I can read three different languages. But you see apathy in rainsford. Zaroff don’t know what Rainsford can do. Even know he thinks himself is civilized. …show more content…

To Rainsford he is probably thinking i am a famous person and don’t have enough money to buy any of the things that Zaroff has. rainsford is impressed by how he has the table. Having that much stuff, to be a candid person. I would say that is quite a civilized person. “The world is made up of two classes, the hunters and the huntees, you and i are hunters”(page 40). For this reason, this quote demonstrates that Rainsford divides the world into hunters (those who are civilized) and huntees (those who are not civilized and therefore not superior). Meaning he is better and civilized that what he is hunting. He is saying the huntees are weak because they don’t know they are being hunted and they don’t have a weapon to protect them or anything to keep them safe. so he is civilized but blatant the animals or whatever he is hunting. I talked about how Zaroff thinks he is civilized, Rainsford thinks Zaroff is civilized, and Rainsford thinks himself civilized. The main thing is not who is civilized but what it means in the story and what it means to

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