Is The Criminal Justice System Racist By Heather Donald Summary

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According to Heather Donald’s article Is the Criminal Justice System Racist? “About one in 33 black men was in prison, compared with one in 205 white men”. The number of black men in jail is appalling enough on its own, but when it is compared to the number of white men in jail it is beyond outrageous. Why are there more Black Americans in jail than White Americans? As stated in What It’s Like to Be Black in the Criminal Justice System “Social science research shows striking racial disparities at nearly every level .” This says that at almost every level of the Criminal Justice System there is racial discrimination against Black Americans. The Criminal Justice System is racially biased. The Criminal Justice System is even prejudice from the very beginning of the imprisonment process. It is stated in the article What It’s Like to Be Black in the Criminal Justice System that “black drivers are also more likely to be pulled over and less likely to receive a reason for being stopped” . It is the police's job to protect all American people, meaning no matter what skin color, and many are abusing the power they are given to do that by specifically going after Black Americans …show more content…

According to the text, “police arrest Black Americans for drug crimes at twice the rate of whites.” As stated in the first excerpt, White Americans use and sell drugs at higher rates than Black Americans. Therefor with that information along with information from the second excerpt one can conclude that racism clearly exists in our Justice

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