Is The Great Gatsby Selfish

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In F Scott Fitzgerald 's The Great Gatsby, Gatsby 's is deceitful because of his love for daisy which leads to his downfall, loneliness, and losing daisy. Gatsby chose his path of deceit because of love for a girl named Daisy. Daisy was raised to marry a successful and rich man, when Gatsby learned this he knew he had to find a way to make a lot of money, but he was raised dirt poor on his family 's farm and didn 't know how to make money or how to be wealthy. When the book starts Gatsby is filthy rich, but no one knows how he makes his money. He flaunts his money by having huge parties every weekend to try and attract daisy but he never seems to realize that parties are not even daisy 's scene. These parties consist of expensive alcohol and fireworks amongst many other expensive …show more content…

Gatsby also lies about hitting myrtle he makes everyone believe he was driving to protect daisy in reality daisy was driving when she shouldn 't have been because she was to upset to handle the vehicle properly. Because tom knows Gatsby car was the one who hit myrtle and he assumes he was driving he tells Wilson that it was Gatsby who killed his wife. Wilson then goes to gatsby 's house and kills Gatsby and himself with his revolver. One of Gatsby 's biggest lies was to himself all Gatsby wanted was for daisy to say she never loved tom and to run away with Gatsby, but he was deceiving himself there 's no way daisy never loved tom and how could she just walk away from the child they have together. Gatsby thinks that the world revolves around him and does not account for the other people in the equation. He brings people into his problems and makes it their problems too. “ daisy 's request-would I come to lunch at her house to-morrow”(114) they have already ruined 1 marriage and have decided to ruin a second by telling tom daisy is leaving him for gatsby. Gatsby thinks that it will be so easy for daisy to run away with him but he doesn 't understand marriage and barely

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