Is The Us Constitution Effective

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Our nation is going down hill due to our poorly effective Constitution. Starting off with only 13 original states, and now jumping to 50. The constitution has always been here, shaping the United States into this so called “land of opportunity”. Having an ill government system, provides many US citizens limited freedom. Throughout history many US citizens have been convicted wrongfully due to the lack of effectiveness of our Constitution. The “framework” of the Constitution is still the same since 1789, yet we still haven't learned much from our past, thus the Constitution must not be effective. In 1985, Kirk Bloodsworth was convicted of sexual assault, rape,and first-degree premeditated murder for the 1984 rape and murder of a nine-year-old girl. In the beginning of the preamble it talks about how we the people must decide what's right and wrong; punish those who are guilty. During the case of Bloodsworth he was sentenced to death row. It took nine years for the jury to realize Bloodsworth was innocent. This shows our preamble has a flaw if people are sentencing other to jail even though they're innocent, causing the innocent to rot in jail wrongfully. …show more content…

With this said, president Nixon provided Pakistan with economic and military support in 1979, according to gordon gora, june 5, 2015. This caused a catastrophic effect of a genocide of the Bengali people. Neither Nixon nor Kissinger seemed to care that nearly 200,000 people died, according to documents by the state department. This shows that our Executive branch only cares about money being donated to their campaigns and not the lives of others, correlation to our Constitution being poorly

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