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Isaac Newton Isaac Newton was born on January 4, 1643 in Woolsthorpe, United Kingdom. Newton was the only son of a local yeoman. He was not expected to live to survive his first day of life, much less 84 years. Deprived of a father before birth, he soon lost his mother as well. Barnaba Smith left young Isaac with his grandmother and moved to a neighbouring village to raise a son and 2 daughters. For nine years Isaac was separated from his mother. He hated his step-father. After his mother was widowed a second time, she determined that her first-born son should manage her not considerable property. The mistake was recognized, and Newton was sent back to school in Grantham, where he had already studied, to prepare for the university. He was …show more content…

Part of the study was aided with the use of reflecting telescope, that he designed and constructed in 1668. The Royal Society asked for a demonstration of his reflecting telescope in 1671. In 1678 Newton suffered a complete nervous breakdown and the correspondence abruptly ended. When his mother died the next year it caused him to become even more isolated, and for 6 years he withdrew from intellectual exchange except when other initiated correspondence. He soon returned to jos study of gravitation and its effects on the orbits of planets. In 1679, Hooke wrote to Newton and brought up the question of planetary motion, suggesting that the formula involving the inverse squares might explain the attraction between planets and the shape of their …show more content…

His beloved niece and companion died the same year that Principia was published, in 1687. As Newton's reputation and fame grew, Hooke's declined, causing him to become even more bitter and loathsome toward his rival. To the bitter end, Hooke took every opportunity he could to offend Newton. Knowing that his rival would soon be elected president of the Royal Society, Hooke refused to retire until the year of his death, in 1703. However, within a few years, Newton fell into another nervous breakdown in 1693. The cause is open to speculation: his disappointment over not being appointed to a higher position by England's new monarchs, William III and Mary II, or the subsequent loss of his friendship with Duillier; exhaustion from being overworked; or perhaps chronic mercury poisoning after decades of alchemical research. It's difficult to know the exact cause, but evidence suggests that letters written by Newton to several of his London acquaintances and friends, including Duillier, seemed deranged and paranoiac, and accused them of betrayal and conspiracy.In 1696, Newton was able to attain the governmental position he had long sought: warden of the Mint; after acquiring this new title, he permanently moved to London and lived with his niece, Catherine Barton.In 1703, Newton was elected president of the Royal Society upon Robert Hooke's death. In 1705, he was knighted by Queen Anne of England. By this point in his life,

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