Sir Isaac Newton's Impact On The Modern World

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Isaac Newton was truly an amazing man, who had made many inventions and discoveries, allowing science to advance in an uncountable amount of ways. Newton was very smart at a very young age. Throughout his college years and into his teaching career is when he made most of his discoveries in the mathematical and scientific fields. He will be remembered and respected for the lasting impact he had on the modern world. Newton should be looked upon as a role model for scientists, mathematicians, and even inventors.
There were many events in his childhood that shaped his abilities to be innovative. He was born on December 25, 1652 at Woolsthorpe Manor, which is just south of Grantham in England. Newton was born into an upper middle class family. Despite being a very weak infant and people’s dismissive behavior towards him, he found ways to greatness. He was an only child and didn’t have a father until the age of three, when his mother got remarried. This gave him lots of free time to read and think deeply about questions. Isaac Newton was very bright and interesting child and young adult. When he went to school for the first time, he was one of the lowest students in his class. It’s not that he wasn’t smart, it’s just that he found school boring. An …show more content…

Newton deserves lots of credit for his vast contributions to the modern world. Sir Isaac Newton was a great scientist and mathematician, starting in his young school years and throughout his adult life. Through his teaching career he accomplished so much changing the world day after day, invention after invention. Everything he did and accomplished shall have him be remembered as a great scientist and mathematician who advanced our world. Without him, the world would be much different. Sir Isaac Newton’s inventions and discoveries advanced science and math

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