Christopher Columbus's Legacy

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There were many people that founded America. Christopher Columbus was a leader who left a legacy as he helped make the world what it is today. Columbus’ adventures were not limited to his famous voyage; he had many adventures with his crew, both before and after he landed in America. One of Columbus’ great skills as a leader was his persistence. “On his first voyage he nearly died (Bio 2014).” If he had died, we wouldn’t have the world we live in today. Christopher Columbus survived a voyage that most people never would have. This is important to history because if he didn’t explore the Earth then we wouldn’t have discovered America “ When he was asking for the financing to go on his famous voyage he got rejected by many places…show more content…
“There were 90 men on his crew (All About Explorers 2006-2014).” Those men helped change the world too. Christopher Columbus was able to get 90 men to believe there was another way to Asia. Some of those men died making the world we live in today. Also, “The length of the trip was longer than they had expected (EyeWitness to History 2004).” Christopher Columbus didn’t estimate the length of the trip correctly, and that proved that he could go a long trip without the correct amount of supplies. Since he proved how big the world really was, we can now estimate our trips in today’s world We soon figured out the circumference of the Earth. Lastly, “Technology helped Christopher Columbus and his crew go across the ocean (Columbus).” People used technology in the past, but not like we use it today. If he didn’t use technology and show how useful it was maybe we wouldn’t have it today. This is important to history because his technology helped us create our technology…show more content…
“Columbus was amazed by all the gold and other metals (Columbus).” If he didn’t discover those metals, we wouldn’t have the building material we have today. It was a phenomenon when he discovered all of those different metals. Without those metals we wouldn’t have some of the important materials we use today. “Christopher Columbus went back to America three more times after discovering it the first time (History in the Headlines 1996-2014).” On Columbus’ third voyage to America he was being a fastidious governor, therefore he came back to Spain in a shackle. Everything he discovered in America helps us in our world today. He found things we never would have discovered because America may not have been discovered without him. We wouldn’t have our shelter or food today if it wasn’t for him. Finally,“If he didn’t bring the Indians to Europe there might not have been any slave trade(Minister 2014).” He brought the Indians to Europe to show the king and queen the unusual life form, but they used the Indians as slaves. Also, he was a leader in Europe because he gave Queen Isabella Indians and she used them as servants. This is important to history because the Indians wouldn’t have the skills they have now if it wasn’t for this fact. Furthermore, he surpassed what any explorer would have
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