Lies My Teacher Told Me And The Truth About Christopher Columbus's Life

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History is a story of events that occurred. There are always different versions, different ways to see to same event. Each story can include different facts, lessons, and motives. Christopher Columbus’ voyage was a major point in history that leads to rapid development of the new world. His voyage opened up North America for colonization and leads to the successive globalization of the continents. His journey is told in many different ways. Peoples History of the United States by Howard Zinn, Lies My Teacher Told Me by James W. Loewen, “Christopher Columbus,” and “The Truth About Christopher Columbus’s Life” all tell of the story of Columbus. Although they revolve around the same event, each story is unique. Various stories of Christopher Columbus’s journey present the same basic details. Christopher Columbus was a well educated merchant who believed in a round world. He miscalculated the circumference of the world and believed that by sailing west, you can reach Asia. He was …show more content…

He established a fort out of the ship-wrecked Santa Maria and left a portion of the crew behind as he set sail for Spain. In Spain, the authorities furnished a larger fleet that sailed back to America. On their arrival, they find their old fort destroyed. As a result, he rebuilt and established Santa Domingo. Columbus had another two voyages and died in 1506. Each story mentions Norse explorers that found America before Columbus. However, all of the narratives show the importance of Columbus’s journey to the later development of the world. His journey opened up a new part of the world for exploration and the later colonization of the western hemispheres. While narratives of Columbus’s journey include a few similarities, they differ greatly. Each account revolves around different sets of facts. Lies My Teacher Told Me differentiates itself by including evidence of explorers who visited America before Columbus. Although the other briefly

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