Albert Einstein: The Scientist Who Changed America

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For centuries immigrants have crossed from Europe, Asia, Africa and many more places to the wonderful, promising United States. America has been known for decades now as the place for immigrants to start fresh and make a successful life. As immigrants have been pouring in, some have been unsuccessful, while others had made their mark in history and changed America for the better. The topics of science, music, and entertainment all have been affected in America by immigrants. Without them, America might not be the same. Immigrants positively influenced the fields of science, music, and entertainment to help shape America to what it is today. Many brilliant immigrants have contributed to the field of science. However, one scientist in particular will forever be noted as one of the greatest scientist ever. That scientist is Albert Einstein. Albert Einstein was known in his lifetime as a …show more content…

While he made inventions and help America in World War II, he had a turning point in his career. In 1905, Albert Einstein's “miracle year” was the year that stood out in science forever. During this year, Albert Einstein made four theories that will never be forgotten. The first theory he made “showed that light could be created as particles as well as waves.” In the second theory, he proved the existence of atoms and molecules. The third theory, which is a special theory of relativity, said that there was no such thing as absolute space and time. The fourth and last theory “noted an equivalence between energy and mass described as, the most famous equation in all of Physics, E=mc²” (Isaacson). The year 1905 will go down in history science history forever. Without Einstein's “miracle year”, who knows how much we would know today about science. Overall, Albert Einstein created many theories and was a very smart and clever scientist, but the year 1905 will always be remembered as the year that changed

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